Vision Statement

The congregation is committed to Jesus Christ and to ministry in Christ's name. To that end we will strive:
To respond to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and to affirm the sacredness in all people.
To proclaim the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ to all people and to nurture them into full relatedness to God and God's church.
To live in the presence of the Holy Spirit and to reflect God's love and grace to all people.
To celebrate the goodness of our Creator God, to cherish and to delight in God's creation, and to work for peace with justice among all people.


The 2012 Session

Willa Fae Williams, Moderator
Grace P. Jenks, Clerk
Jean Branum
Donna Crask
Karen Hamilton
Janet Kelly
Kate Morganett
Elizabeth Smith
Betty Lou Temple
Esther Stoelting
Betty Stotz



Willa Fae Williams....Minister

Elizabeth Smith.......Treasurer

Carole Bockey .......Organist



Gordon Berg * Charles Carvin * J. Michael Dalton
Dedra Deberry * Jane Driskell * Sarah Helvey-Martin
Homer Holt * Grace P. Jenks * Betty Sue Kremer
Sabrena Martiny * Betty Meadows * Tom Reichard
Paula Sammons * Demetria Smith * Sue Speed
Betty A. Stotz * Bill Wade * Joyce Wyatt
Willa Fae Williams